Kind Words

"Our time working together has unlocked MAGIC in my life.  It feels like I'm living a new norm and can't remember much of how it used to be. The painful questions and thoughts that dominated so much of life feel like distant concepts now.

One of the most valuable things about coaching was the safe space for me to talk about and explore things I wasn’t ready to share with anyone else.  During our time together, I knew that whatever happened, I had my coach to help me work it out. As a result, I observed myself feeling braver and more grounded, not so easily carried away in downward spirals, even when emotional issues come up. This space and relationship were safe, supportive and nurturing because Rachel was consistently compassionate, gentle, and kind, even as she asked thought-provoking or challenging questions.

I now allow myself to be curious and follow desire without being attached to a definite outcome, and I feel pretty great most days. There's a sense of power. Fulfillment. Curiosity and interest in life. I now understand my life's purpose this way: to blossom and expand, like a plant reaching towards whatever it's drawn to."

– Rebecca Liu


"I loved my creative power intensive with Rachel.  The format was powerful, immersive, catalyzing and led to meaningful breakthroughs.  Rachel had a wonderful way of eliciting my authentic self.  She made it easy to relax into deep explorations of self, asking subtle but powerful questions to guide my own intuition into realizations I hadn’t recognized before. I felt a profound shift of my energy and a renewed creative stirring that is continuing to awaken."

– Wendy Wyatt

"I felt fully heard, met, and understood in my sessions with Rachel.  She helped me understand myself and my life in a deeper way that left me feeling luxurious peace and playful ease in my creativity.  Since we worked together, I feel I’m on a good path and can find my way to the energy that supports my curiosity and creativity.  I feel deeply grateful and moved by the work we did, and it's something I will continue to treasure."  

– Shona Macpherson

"Rachel is a very intuitive coach.  We worked together through a very difficult time in my life and I always appreciated her attentive, calming presence. She asked questions that gently challenged my thinking and her sense of humor and playfulness encouraged me to not take it all too seriously. It was a pleasure to work with her."

– Aubri T.






“Our conversation was transformative and created a dedicated, sacred space to explore, something I would not likely have given myself otherwise.  Rachel has a gift of engaging with the flow of the processes and transformations that seek expression, rather than forcing the experience to fit a specific timeline or set of predetermined goals or outcomes.  She allowed the change to dance with us. 

Our session, combined with actions I’ve taken since, have altered me forever.  I find myself living in deeper peace and feeling more comfortable in my own skin than I ever have.  Rather than an endpoint, our conversation was a doorway, and when I stepped through that doorway and kept walking, transformation happened and continues to unfold.” 

– River

"I am exceedingly grateful for Rachel’s coaching. She has a gift for listening carefully to not just my words but to the thoughts and feelings beneath my words, and pulls them out for further investigation and understanding.  During our time together Rachel has also begun teaching me how to do this for myself as well – she’s taught me about the “trifecta of self-awareness” and helped me to practice giving enough (but not too much) credence to not just my thoughts but also to my body and my emotions.  Thanks to Rachel’s coaching, I can be my 'whole self' in all my interactions and relationships!"

- Trish Reedstrom

"Working with Rachel was all I expected and more. I was at a stage where I had to take some critical decisions my life, and the work we did gave me reassurance to follow my calling and confidence in the path ahead. Rachel helped me see more clearly how much I care about this path and how any obstacles are merely intellectual constructs.  She was completely open, listened actively, and provided an open direction to move forward.  A heartfelt thank you, Rachel!"


"Rachel is an insightful, skillful, soothing and caring coach who helped me break through old patterns and embrace an empowered way of being in the world. Her strategies are portable yet magical, pragmatic yet transcendent. Rachel listens and cares deeply. If you want change from the inside out, Rachel is a wonderful guide."

– Rebecca T.

"Rachel is a terrific coach, and I would absolutely recommend working with her.  She helped me look at several deep issues from a new perspective, and this was extremely helpful.  I found her coaching to be the epitome of gentle work that goes deep. Thanks, Rachel, for a wonderful coaching experience."

– Leah C.