Creativity Challenge

As soon as I started to get that creativity isn’t just about making things - that it’s also about partnering with the forces within and around me to be in more dynamic and alive relationship with myself and the world - my creative life began to flourish and expand.

Making things is an essential part of the creative process, of course, but in my experience, it’s only one piece. Creativity is also a way of connecting with the world, seeing in new ways, doing our inner work, cultivating imagination and vision, and deepening our spirituality.

Since this has been something I’ve been practicing and thinking a lot about (and because I want to support creativity in any way I can), I’ve created a free 5-day creativity challenge to take folks through these foundations and deeper layers of creativity:

Day #1: Energy

Day #2: Imagination

Day #3: Vision

Day #4: Creation

Day #5: Connection

Emotions Tool Kit

Emotions are my favorite.  They are truth-bearers, information-sharers, instruction-givers, and portals to magic, creativity, and flow.  But since our emotions (especially anger, fear, and sadness) often feel troublesome and uncomfortable, we tend to treat them as bothersome invaders, pushing them away when they interrupt our productivity or threaten our vibes of positivity, which means we miss out on all the good things they have to share.

So I made some stuff to help:

Cheat Sheet: steps, tips, and ideas